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TBH - Mid summer horror story? by pengguchan
TBH - Mid summer horror story?
did a collab with :iconchronice: on iscribble ^q^

Yuki and Esso tried to summon the twin ghosts out of curiosity, and start telling horror stories to the camera then, how unexpected! A wild passing ghost appeared! But where is the twin ghosts?

the truth is both me and fin forgot le criteria of the event-- oh well :iconhideplz://slapped
It was just one of the usual days on the boarding house. The usual residents, the usual building, the usual payment.... wait, payment?

I woke up in the middle of the afternoon. The sun had already risen up from hours ago. I don't have any part time today anyway, so it's alright to oversleep right? I got up slowly from the bed and glanced over a calendar hanging on my wall.

"Ack, it's that time of the year isn't it?"

A day on the calendar was circled with red pen to remind me of what I was supposed to do today. Yes, today is the payment day. It's not like I didn't save any money for it, in fact I have just enough money for it. But, these money... think about how many games I could buy using it... Those kind of thoughts fly through my head.

There's no point in thinking too much about it. I stepped out of my room with the money I'm supposed to use for payment and found some residents chatting to each other like what they usually do, but the atmosphere is a bit different than usual... What is it.... It's as if there's something missing?

I went straight to the dining room to get some breakfast. Maybe it's more fit to call it lunch, but it's still breakfast for me. 

Right before I entered the dining room... I saw Shouko-san and a tall guy wearing a blue hoodie with familiar blue-colored hair. Crap! Spontaneously, I hid behind the dining room wall. What's this? What's this? I didn't know I would pass a love event-like situation in real life! Am I a side character on an otoge or something? And, who's that guy? He looks familiar, but I don't know him! All sorts of thoughts swirls around my head. Without realizing it, I already started eavesdropping.

"--If I can't believe my own memory..." Shouko-san started her statement.

"What should I believe then?" 

The guy seems a bit confused. 

"What do you mean, Shouko-sa--"

"Medio; some residents call him 'The little boy at midnight'" Shouko-san cut the guy's response.

The guy looks shocked at what she said. Medio? Doesn't that name rings a bell? Something inside me feels like it's repeatedly saying that. But I just can't remember what was it.

"Appears to be 5 years old. He is..."

"That's enough." This time, it's the guy who cut Shouko-san. He then stay silent for a while, and then smile at her.

"You said you can't trust your memory right? I think this one was a note you write to remind you about your novel ideas."

he stepped forward, took the notebook Shouko-san had, and...... teared the paper with description about 'Medio' to pieces.


"Let me give you the accurate information. My name is Medio Foyer. 27 years old. I'm the owner of this house." He wrote something on Shouko-san's notebook. And then gave it back to her.

"Isn't it nice to have accurate information?"

It was just one of the usual days on the boarding house. The usual residents, the usual building, the usual....

"Please don't forget about the donations okay? I'm not pushing you for it, but I would be happy if you do donate" He smiled to Shouko-san while leaving Shouko-san who's now bewildered because what he did to her notebook. 

Ah, crap... He's coming here! He passed by my side after going out of the dining room. He looked at me for a moment, and then smiled at me.

"Yuki-san too, don't forget about the donation okay?"

After that, he left. 

"Ah...." Suddenly I recall some memories different from the fact that's happening in front of me. 

Weren't there two owners in this house? But there's only one.

Aren't we doing payment every three months? But there's only donation.

Weren't the owners mad because we couldn't retrieve the trophy from the sports competition? 

Sports competition?

Was there even such an event?

It was just one of the usual days on the boarding house. The usual residents, the usual building. The usual days.... was it really like this?
TBH- May Payment
I didn't have enough time to draw, so I decided to make lit (Which in the end couldn't make it in time after all :iconlazycryplz: ) but I don't know anything about lit afterall-- let me flip myself to mars hahahahahahaah :iconfliptableplz: 

(kinda) continuing from Shouko's payment:…

Shouko: ak-itsuki 
Medio: Kuro-D 
Yuki+ le lit(?): meh /o/
AT- Bako by pengguchan
AT- Bako
AT with bako, but since I forgot what's her dA so can't mention her :iconnyoronplz:
whatever I wanna say about this drawing:
-lately I'm into kancolle, so am happy to be able to draw what I like while still doing something meaningful(?) /o/
-What is BG wwww I don't know, I don't have any sense for BG ^Q^;;;;
- Lebe, I can't trust you even if you say you're a girl 

Z1 and Z3 (Leberecht Maass and Max Schultz) from Kantai Collection
TBH - HAPPY (Belated) BIRTHDAY YOU MAY TRIO by pengguchan
Blessings for your birthday, blessings for your everyday, keep on moving forward until the last second~
^this is a song//nu

anyways, happy belated birthday, Mieu, Kuro, Zet! here, have some collab from me and snow~ /o/

one day when snow asked me about the collab
Snow: Which chara of Mie should we choose tho hmm
me: Mieu-- sorry, can only think Himeka--//slapped
and, that's why we're stuck with the good ol' Himeka instead of the flava monstah(?) Mie :iconthegloryofplz://plakked

Lineart: :iconsnowshoe-rabbit:
Coloring: meh
Himeka :iconmieumew:
Dexter :iconkuro-d:
Sinister :iconzetsuzuka: 
Tbh Heibon Na Nichijou  Never Gonna Finish It Ye   by pengguchan
Tbh Heibon Na Nichijou Never Gonna Finish It Ye
Something I made a long time ago :iconnyoronplz: already lost the file tho, so don't wanna continue it anymore o)--(
Video: (click the download button to watch the video)

can't summon the authors somehow, gonna do it later :'D

Song: Heibon na Nichijou (and Itsumo no Hi for the beginning) - 150p and suzumu (from Shuuen Re:write album)
vocal IA


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drawing is fun isn't it? (not a bio)

in my gallery, you'll find....
1. touhous (of course~)
2. RP groups drawings

Helloo I came back /o/ and when I saw my last journal-- wait... huh? It sounds like I won't go back here anymore--//slapped

well, the reason why I was away was because my mom was angry at my falling grades because I draw and chat too much XD;; so I deactivated my FB and left away from dA :iconnyoronplz: don't get me wrong, I have no intentions to leave dA forever ovo;; when I make the last journal, my mom was angry at me because she still thinks I'm still chatting with my friends, so I typed anything that comes to mind quickly and the result was that kind of misleading journal XD;;;; I'm so sorryy o)--(

fromm here on, I'll rant about what I find new(?) now that I'm back again--

huh, dA changed logo huh? I didn't know dA had status-- why you guys so active when I'm away-- *looks at 10,161 notifications* why did you guys suddenly become pro when I come back? :iconinglipplz: 

okay I'm done--//slapped

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