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Tbh Heibon Na Nichijou  Never Gonna Finish It Ye   by pengguchan
Tbh Heibon Na Nichijou Never Gonna Finish It Ye
Something I made a long time ago :iconnyoronplz: already lost the file tho, so don't wanna continue it anymore o)--(
Video: (click the download button to watch the video)

can't summon the authors somehow, gonna do it later :'D

Song: Heibon na Nichijou (and Itsumo no Hi for the beginning) - 150p and suzumu (from Shuuen Re:write album)
vocal IA
Contest - 'Even though the sky is so blue...' by pengguchan
Contest - 'Even though the sky is so blue...'
Boy: ...Why do you always look at the sky, and not at me?
Girl: ...Why do I have to be trapped in class and do this exam? :icondeadbodyplz://NO

just ignore the dialogue above, I just can't resist to write it XD;;; 

this is an entry for "Welcoming Spring" contest. They say that spring is the season of love and meeting, but in my country, spring (March-May) is the season of EXAMS. The first idea is to make the girl suffer from exams, but this and that happened, so it became 'a story of a boy who wants to get the girl's attention' I don't even know why :iconrlytearplz:

I would be happy if I can win with this, but if not, well-- I'm happy with the result too, so it's alright //// 

ps: for those who notice (maybe?) the title is actually a reference(?) to Fusou (kantai collection)'s dialogue as a secretary ship XD;; sorry--

link to the contest journal page if someone maybe interested ovo >>…
Mayoiga Mystery by pengguchan
Mayoiga Mystery
This drawing is based on teniwoha's song series called 'youkai youth detectives' ovo and this drawing is based on this one…;

I just love the concept(?) of youkai youth detectives~ and the songs are nice too //// can't help but draw fanart~
<s>when I draw Utsuhi, somehow she looks like kancolle's Fubuki instead wwww//slapped</s>

Minakata Utsuhi, Tsukioka Harutari, and Kannawa Yahito from Youkai Youth Detectives
Virtual Stage- Park Jong Hyun by pengguchan
Virtual Stage- Park Jong Hyun

Name             : Park Jong Hyun
Nickname      : Jong Hyun Sensei //huwat
Age                : 28 years old
Gender          : Male
Occupation    : Elementary and High school teacher (because only one school is not enough :iconthegloryofplz://no)
Platform        : Phone, Laptop
Height / Weight : 176cm / 61kg

- Laid back ("Hahaha, the headmaster scolded me for my messy hair again~")
- Lazy ("What can be done tomorrow, I will do it tomorrow")
- Likes to talk with people
- Doesn't really think about what he says


- Virtual Stage
- Loliloliloliloililoliloliloliloli hshshshshshshshshshshshshs ^///q///^
- Anime/Manga (Yesh, he's an otaku. That's why the nickname like that :iconiansmoshplz:)
- Making his students suffer
- Girls

- His mother that keeps nagging him about marrying when he doesn't even have any girl that might like him :iconrlytearplz:
- His virginity
- Bad internet connection
- Cockroaches
- Rats
- Spiders


Jong Hyun (from now on will be called Sensei for my convenience) is the son of Eun Ji. He was a diligent person and a hard worker at that. When he finally got accepted to work in a high school, he decided to move to a cheap apartment near the school so he won't ever be late to school. Sensei did good, teaching at that high school. The headmaster even allowed him when he wanted to work at the elementary school near the high school on the same time to earn more money.

When Sensei worked in the elementary school, the students were really lazy with their assignments and homeworks. After going on some research, it turns out that those students were wasting all their time playing an online game called "Virtual Stage". So he registered to the game, with the purpose to watch over his students from the game and tell them to do their assignments and homeworks. It took quite some time, but this trick worked, and the students one by one, start to submit their assignments nicely. 

After that time Sensei waste on Virtual Stage though.... He had changed.

Yes, he starts to neglect sleep to play game. He starts to become an indoor-person who prefers playing game than working. He starts to even teach carelessly. He stopped caring about how he looks to other people even at work. He starts to... Well he keeps giving assignments... But he found the fun in giving assignments. That is, looking at the students' reaction when he gives the assignment. He starts to like making his students suffer by giving loads of assignments.

From that day(?) on, Sensei became addicted to Virtual Stage ^q^;;;

+ Trivia

- Single :iconrlytearplz:
- Likes to give homeworks and assignments for the sole reason of seeing the students suffer
- Had proposed to someone once, but felt a honorable defeat(?)

                    --- AVATAR ---

Username                : Sensei-iyeey ^q^ 
Account Gender       : Male
Height / Weight       : 148cm / 35kg


- Hard worker
- Honest
- Polite
- Wants to be popular   


- Rare items
- Swords
- Levelling up
- New dungeons
- Meeting his students and tell them to go do their homework 


- Losing when almost beating a monster
- Overpowered last boss
- Items that have to be purchased with real money

Main Genre        :
 Fantasy RPG

Sensei in game is a normal townsfolk. One day, he found a sword  lying about in a forest near the town. He thought "Oh, this must be fate! This sword is calling for me!" And picked it up (Which turns out belongs to a knight who went to the toilet and left it there) He YOLO-ed and bought some stuff from the local merchants and just like that go on a journey without even knowing where he's going to, or what's he going to do :iconrlyplz:

Class: Warrior

Collab-SnowShoe-Rabbit: Macarona by pengguchan
Collab-SnowShoe-Rabbit: Macarona
A collab with :iconsnowshoe-rabbit:


Lineart: Snowshoe-Rabbit 
Color: Me

Macarona from The Gray Garden


pengguchan's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
drawing is fun isn't it? (not a bio)

in my gallery, you'll find....
1. touhous (of course~)
2. RP groups drawings

Helloo I came back /o/ and when I saw my last journal-- wait... huh? It sounds like I won't go back here anymore--//slapped

well, the reason why I was away was because my mom was angry at my falling grades because I draw and chat too much XD;; so I deactivated my FB and left away from dA :iconnyoronplz: don't get me wrong, I have no intentions to leave dA forever ovo;; when I make the last journal, my mom was angry at me because she still thinks I'm still chatting with my friends, so I typed anything that comes to mind quickly and the result was that kind of misleading journal XD;;;; I'm so sorryy o)--(

fromm here on, I'll rant about what I find new(?) now that I'm back again--

huh, dA changed logo huh? I didn't know dA had status-- why you guys so active when I'm away-- *looks at 10,161 notifications* why did you guys suddenly become pro when I come back? :iconinglipplz: 

okay I'm done--//slapped

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