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Sibis - A Night Ambush Event by pengguchan
Sibis - A Night Ambush Event
George: Use your second skill!
Tram: Can you cover up for me while I prepare for it? I don't know if I can accurately throw the water ball at the monster too, you know?

anyways, yaay finally it's doneeee ///q/// Tram's water element is actually supposed to be effective against the shadow monsters, but his rain of needles skill needs actual water, while his water ball skill needs time to charge(?). And then, there's George who.... well, SPIDERS CAN'T FLY
so yeah, both of them are pretty screwed 'u';;;

ps: I was just playing around when I added the pokemon thingy sorry//laughs
SiBiS - Tombola Event (SHEEEEEEHHHHHH) by pengguchan
SiBiS - Tombola Event (SHEEEEEEHHHHHH)
"Time to dress up! Tram and Leya are in matching cosplays."
(which anime is up to you)

Wheee it's finally donee :iconrlytearplz: me and Aki no really know what anime should Tram and Leya cosplay as, so in the end we chose Osomatsu-san /o/ 

Was confused what the background should be, right at that time I heard Osomatsu-san's second opening and immediately got the idea :iconthegloryofplz:
oh, and sorry my japanese writing skill is poor :iconhideplz:

Textless ver:
[SiBiS] Tram Blanc by pengguchan
[SiBiS] Tram Blanc
Another RP group yay//Cries
I, I hope I got accepted tho-- this group seems sparkling I can't help it ;;;/////;;;
creee this app is getting really long halp :icondeadbodyplz:
+ NAME : Tram Blanc

+ GENDER : Male

+ AGE : 17

+ HEIGHT :  170

+ ELEMENT:  Water

+ RANK:  Rank D

+ CATEGORY:  Offense

>Rain of Needles
Tram swings his spear near any water source (ex: river, rain, waterfall, etc) and turns it into needles that will attack the enemy.
- This technique can only be done near water source
- He can only make 5-10 needles in one swing.

>Water Ball
Tram can extract water from the air and turn it into water ball. Tram usually uses it by throwing the water ball to the enemy as some sort of surprise attack. 
- The water ball will lose its ball form and become normal water around 5 seconds after it lose contact from Tram.
- It takes longer time to extract more water. A water ball in the size of the hand needs around 8 seconds to make.

+ WEAPON : Spear

+ RACE: Human

+Running (like marathon, short distance run, running away from reality//NO etc)

- Rain
- Cat
- Eggplant
- Feeling bored

+ PERSONALITY :        
If you already got his trust, he will definitely support you, unless you betray him. 
Tram generally enjoys chatting with other people. He really treasures his friends because he thinks that he wouldn't know until when can he stay with them.
Once he gets trusted to do something, he would do it the best he can. 
Tram doesn't realize it himself, but he easily shows his emotions on his face. That's why he's really bad at playing old maid
Tram is the type who gets easily influenced by people, so sometimes he might be a bit indecisive.
-[Weak to mental pressure]
When there's a problem or pressure from around his surrounding, he would become paranoid and think about the problem too much. Sometimes, he would think too much until it hurts his head. 

Tram is a normal high school boy with a normal high school life. Having a normal family consisting of father, mother, and a big sister. And also, having a normal girl as a girlfriend. It was a nice life. 

One day, his girlfriend moved to a neighbor town with her family. "Don't worry, we will still meet!" She said. But Tram was not worrying about that. He worried about his girlfriend's new housing complex. It's located on a place near a dry slope. But he thought that the girl looked happy with her new house, so he didn't say anything about it. 
One night, It was raining really hard. He couldn't feel calm as he was thinking about the girl, so he phoned the girl. The girl didn't answer his phone calls. "Maybe she's sleeping..." Tram tried to stay calm and turned on the TV. On the TV, a breaking news was aired. A rock slide happened near the girl's housing complex because of the rain. Tram immediately took taxi to go to the girl's house to check if she's alright. But when he arrived there, there was nothing aside from the debris of her house. From what the other spectators said, it seems like most of the residence of the housing complex was sleeping when the rock slide happened. Tram was shocked. Some days passed, and the evacuation team who came to the landslide site had finished searching for survivors. Tram still hoped that his girlfriend could somehow still alive. But in the end, the evacuation team only found his girlfriend's lifeless body. That moment he felt really hopeless. 

"This definitely won't happen if it wasn't raining... Yes, it's the rain's fault! I'm not... the one at wrong..." 

He felt sad about his girlfriend's death. But even more than that, he regretted not telling her about his worry he had before. Just this once, he couldn't take the big responsibility. Instead, he's throwing the blame away to the rain.  Somewhere in his heart, he starts to hate the rain.

Right at that moment,
he met with a goddess. No, it's not because he already knew she's a goddess, that's just what he felt when he saw her.
"Do you really think so?" She said. "I am Nirvelli. The God of Water" She continued. Tram felt really shocked by Nirvelli's sudden appearance. And, he also felt his emotions boiled inside. "If you're a goddess... then you should have been able to save her, right? If it's not for that stupid rain, she would still be living today!" He replied, madly. Nirvelli smiled. "That's not what you were really thinking, wasn't it?" She said calmly. "What you're really thinking, is how useless you are for not being able to protect her, and you're wishing for the power to protect her, right?" Tram was shocked. It hits the bulls-eye. But he couldn't say it. "If that's how it is, I will grant you with that power. I can't turn back time, but from now on... You will be the one who protects those who are dear to you"

Tram woke up to his alarm clock. He didn't remember how he came back home. He thought his encounter with Nirvelli was only a dream, until he could suddenly extracts water from the air and collects it in his hand. With just that, he felt sure his encounter was not a dream. He thought that with this power he can protect other people in place for his girlfriend. He thought he might be able to pay off his mistake this way like what Nirvelli said. He was sure that would also be what his girlfriend would want. That night, Nirvelli came in his dream to explain all about Sibis. After that meeting, Tram became determined to go to Sibis and learn to use his power. 

After that, he convinced his family to allow him to move school to Sibis Private School and got allowed by his family because Tram was really persistent about it. Before he went to Sibis, he paid his girlfriend's grave a visit. 

"Just wait... I will definitely pay off my mistake to you..."

+ EXTRAS :  
>Before entering Sibis, Tram had a dog, but now it's taken care by his family.
>He got nicknamed at his previous school as 'Puppy' because one day he mistakenly brought his dog's dog food instead of his lunch. And he actually ate the dog food because he was hungry and didn't have money to buy lunch.
>He felt his new skills are really useful, especially Water Ball. He thought that when he's thirsty, he can just extract water from the air and drink it.
>He has a mixed feeling about his skill "Rain of Needles" because it reminds him about what happened to his girlfriend.
>Just recently, he decided to accept his girlfriend's death and move on with life. (Though he still hates the rain)
>He hates rain, but feels neutral to water in general.

(Later after I got accepted uvu)
lately kinda lazy to even open dA, so I kinda moved to pixiv. The multiple pictures upload there is really nice ////… (in Japanese btw)

also, I mostly post my doodles on facebook (tho I use Indo there) if anyone want to be friends with me through FB, just send me a note about it and I will tell you my FB account name (I'm still a bit scared of unknown people on my FB okay :iconnyoronplz:

I still wanna post some stuff here thooo (but sometimes too lezi to comment or answer comments orz)
I kinda miss dA ;;;;; I have several stuff I want to upload, but for now, am uploading this crossover between kancolle's CVs and kagepro :iconrlyplz: (don't ask where is Amagi :iconhideplz:)

Akagi, Taihou, Kaga, Souryuu, Katsuragi, Unryuu, Hiryuu, Shoukaku, and Zuikaku from Kantai Collection
le pose(?) from mekakucity actors 


pengguchan's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
drawing is fun isn't it? (not a bio)

in my gallery, you'll find....
1. touhous (of course~)
2. RP groups drawings

lately kinda lazy to even open dA, so I kinda moved to pixiv. The multiple pictures upload there is really nice ////… (in Japanese btw)

also, I mostly post my doodles on facebook (tho I use Indo there) if anyone want to be friends with me through FB, just send me a note about it and I will tell you my FB account name (I'm still a bit scared of unknown people on my FB okay :iconnyoronplz:

I still wanna post some stuff here thooo (but sometimes too lezi to comment or answer comments orz)

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